"No One Is Alone" project is a union of not indifferent citizens of Cherkasy city and Cherkasy region. Our purpose is to help lonely elderly people and people with disabilities residing in city Cherkasy and the Cherkasy region, to organize the purchase and delivery of everything necessary to support their lives for the time of quarantine, so as not to endanger them. These people have a strong need in constant help and support, and now even more so. This is another test on humaneness that each of us is taking today. No one should be left alone in these difficult times!

This volunteer initiative started on March 19, 2020. To date, the initiative has been formed into a structure with a due division of powers and responsibilities between the coordinators in all areas. Olena Havrysh is the Director of the Charity Fund Rodina LG, is a co-founder and active coordinator of the “No One Is Alone” project, a volunteer who is also directly involved in the procurement and delivery of products and medicines to people in need.

What has already been done in the frameworks of "No One Is Alone" volunteer project:

  • The system of cooperation with “city and regional state administrations, with the Territorial centres of social services of Cherkasy city and regional centres of district administrations in the region established;
  • Volunteers’ call centres together with the "hot lines" of the Cherkasy regional administration and the Mayor's office of Cherkasy for reception and processing of applications for purchase of products and delivery arranged;
  • A 24-hour hotline was set up to provide psychological assistance to persons in person in ward by clinical psychologists;
  • Volunteers have established a system of procurement and delivery of products, hygiene products, and medicines;
    The system of household help to persons in ward is adjusted (to walk a dog, to pay utility bills, to take out garbage, etc.);
  • Distributed leaflets with information about COVID-19, sanitary and hygienic safety and contact details of call centres;
  • The system of fundraising (co-financing) for purchasing protective equipment for volunteers and employees of the Territorial Centre for Social Services introduced;
  • The system of targeted charitable provision of products to families where children previously received free meals in kindergartens and schools, large families, single mothers, single elderly people, and people with disabilities;
  • A project is being implemented to provide home-based work for people in self-isolation, especially the elderly people, people with disabilities, families with children whose parents have lost their jobs for the period of quarantine;
  • The information support group works on: 12. distribution of messages in the social media, mass media covering, recording of informational videos, maintaining a Facebook page, managing groups in Viber and Telegram

All funds received on the accounts of our Fund "Rodina LG" as charitable contributions are directed to your chosen areas of activity. We thank the philanthropists and donators on the Fund's website in “Credits” section, except in the cases of desired anonymity. The reports on the use of charitable contributions are published every Sunday for the quarantine period, after the state of emergency end they will be published monthly until the end of the project.

    The collection of charitable contributions to the project needs has began since April 2020. The funds go to the accounts of the partner organization NGO "Life Without Barriers" under the leadership of Lesya Valyaeva, our volunteer project co-founder.

From 16.04.2020 the social direction of this project, namely - assistance to lonely elderly people, people with disabilities, low mobility, and needy groups, was separated into a project on the basis of the Hospitality Centre of Cherkasy.

Our project is a volunteer initiative that was successfully completed at the 1-st stage on 30.06.2020.

The Volunteer Call Centre processed 698 applications, having delivered for the customer's expense products and medicines to 157 people, 1003 free packages with products were provided, which helped 3800 people during the quarantine period. 57 consultations of psychologists were provided. The funds for 295.0 thousand hryvnias were collected, 210 thousand hryvnias were spent on charity needs. The philanthropists decided to spend the remaining balance of 85000 hryvnias for organising the rest and recuperation of children with disabilities in a summer inclusive camp.