The Charity Fund foundation date: 03.03.2016 Фонду03.03.2016р.

The main purpose of the Fund is to fulfil charitable activities by providing financial and material assistance, as well as other services to all categories of people in need, thus supporting any charitable activities aimed at promoting comprehensive protection of charitable recipients and ensuring their leading a full-on life.

These days, our Fund is actively participating in "No one is alone" that is a volunteer project implemented in the city Cherkasy, Cherkasy region, Ukraine. Information on the page Projects

Charity Fund “Rodina LG” supports various activities aimed at development of modern leisure industry, preservation and promotion of folk art, namely:

  • On 30 June 2020 our Fund in cooperation with the Cherkasy Regional Museum of Local Lore of the Cherkasy Regional Council won a grant from the local government to implement the project-opening "Cherkasy region: a place of strength, historical and cultural diversity, and creativity".The project promotes museums and reserves of Cherkasy region, draws attention to new forms of museum leisure. - The project implementation is planned for September 2020.
  • During the quarantine period from March to June 2020, due to information from our Fund and active outreach and assistance, 5 employees of the Cherkasy Museum of Local Lore and 1 employee of the library of Cherkasy National University named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky successfully completed training courses and received a scholarship support program for cultural workers in Ukraine from the House of Europe Foundation of the European Union.
  • "Petrykivka Painting School" exposition was opened in the Museum on January 2020;
  • In October 2019 in the premises of the Museum was held an exhibition "Magic Moments of Photo Inspiration" consecrated to Lana Kravchenko, a famous photo master and part-time Deputy Director of the Fund. All the diversity of Cherkasy region and hometown Cherkasy is present in these photos. Several best photographs were added to the Museum’s exhibition fund.
  • Since January 2019, "Petrykivka Painting School" was founded and successfully operates nowadays in the Cherkasy Regional Museum of Local Lore due to the initiative and with the assistance of Fund’s representatives.